March 27, 2019 admin

  Getting into debt is often the result of a consumer’s financial collapse. Sometimes unfortunate events that lead to a life crisis overlap. In the face of financial backlog, you can not abandon the will to pay your debts. But what if you do not have income? We present the answer to the question – how to pay off your debts without a job? Many Poles are regularly plagued with falling into debt, leading to truly crisis situations. Consumers fall into financial arrears, sometimes not because of intentional actions, but by accidental or unexpected events. Among such circumstances, you can…

February 4, 2019 admin

When it comes to borrowing in the context of an investment or a short-term need for money, it does not always have to be the same amount of credit. Loan seekers, for example, who have a financial shortage or want to buy a used car, very often require a loan amount below the 10,000 euro limit. In the credit jargon loans of this kind are also called “small loan”. The inclusion of a small loan can be helpful and useful for the borrower in many life situations, with many banks offering a microcredit from just € 500.00 or € 1,000.00….